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Awesome Upcoming Technological Advances

December 21st, 2011

There are some awesome technological advances that are geared towards making so many things easier in the very near future. A person that looks forward to advancements will really appreciate all that is taking place.

The Smart Phone Gets Even Smarter

It’s no secret that smart phones are becoming the standard in mobile technology. What many people may not know is that the phone services are becoming the bridges that tie everything together. Companies like Apple have already made it possible to tap into your own home network, but this is just the start. Mobile technology and 4G networks will allow more people to use their phones as their wallet. Increased smart phone developments will also allow more people to do video conferencing from their phones. The biggest development will be electronic smart phone coupons and electronic tickets for movies and concerts.

Space Age Cars of the Near Future

Developers are working on cars that drive themselves. Designers have toyed with this idea for many years and it seemed like a very impractical thing. Today the idea doesn’t seem so far away. They have already designed cars that automatically steer back onto the road when a sleepy driver goes off course. Car designers have also put together some great designs for internal GPS systems. It is only a matter of time before they perfect cars that drive with the aid of a driver. All the accidents from cell phone and texting are really prompting designers to think outside of the box.

Entertainment Tonight

People go home and attempt to entertain themselves every evening. Few people are reading books or playing board games. To the contrary, people are snuggling around the television for entertainment. This is evident from the sales of televisions in recent years. HDMI, Blu-Ray and HD channels have really changed things, but this is just the beginning. The home theater experience still has much room for improvement. Developers are looking for more ways to incorporate the internet with television. This concept is in the infant stages, but it is getting better by the year. Consumers are waiting for the ability to watch movies without any wired devices attached to their television. Internet cloud storage is the future of television programming.

Tech gurus are not the only ones that are waiting on all of this new technology. Everyday people are saving the money and hopping on board the technology bandwagon.