E-Commerce Solutions For Entrepreneurs

November 16th, 2012


E-commerce has now become one of the most powerful methods for entrepreneurs in almost any field to start earning money. The incredible growth of the World Wide Web and the unlimited and truly unprecedented customer base that the internet offers makes the internet the best place for entrepreneurs to grow any type of business.

Having the best tools available is one of the keys to successfully growing a business and selling a large number of products online. Our e-commerce experts are going to talk about some of the effective e-commerce techniques and solutions for entrepreneurs and for website owners!

Online Cart Saver

One largely effective e-commerce solution that’s offered within many e-commerce software programs and platform is some type of online cart saver. While there are many kinds of online cart savers out there, all online cart savers have basically the same goal which is to encourage the customer to buy products when he or she plans them in the “cart”.

The reason an online cart saver is so important is simple: studies and statistics have shown again and again that the place where most websites lose sales is at the cart or the “checkout point”. Many customers tend to put items in their online cart, then abandon that online cart.

An online cart saver encourages a customer to buy and in effect “saves” sales that would have otherwise been abandoned in the cart. The online cart saver can do this by offering some type of incentive, a discount, a system that emails the customer and reminds them when they’ve left items in the cart or a system that emails the customer and encourages them to buy once they’ve left items in the cart.

A Wide variety Of Products And A Lot Of Options

Another great e-commerce solution for entrepreneurs is to have a wide variety of products. Customers want a lot of choices and when selling products online offering a wide variety of choices is key to success. The best e-commerce software will have options for different discounts and promo codes, different sizes or colors for apparel products, different types of the item that the customer may want to buy and, of course, a place where the customer can change the quantity of the item that they’re buying.

E-commerce solutions are key to success when selling products online. Both an online cart saver and an e-commerce software that offers the ability to list many products with many different options, features, discounts and promo codes are key to successfully selling products online!

How to Do a Successful Text Marketing Campaign

October 31st, 2012

With the advent and subsequent explosion of mobile devices has come many new marketing opportunities. Savvy marketers and businesses are using social media strategies to reach out to prospects and existing customers in many new ways.

Additionally, since most people use cell phones that include text messaging, this has presented yet another fruitful marketing opportunity in the digital age. Below are some tips on how to do a successful sms campaign.

1. Target markets. The most important aspect of any marketing campaign is to understand who the target audience is. One of the best ways to take full advantage of the benefits surrounding this knowledge is to study social media networks to find the people who are already using products and services similar to yours.

2. Types of messages. The next step is to ascertain what kinds of messages the target market would respond to. This entails developing industry specific messages designed to motivate prospects, customers and potential new audiences.

3. Call to action. The most clear call to action will make it easy for people to understand what you would like them to do and immediately take action on the message. Those are the two most important aspects to be concerned with. If the message is too complicated, people will lose interest very quickly.

a. Focus on the interaction. Ensure that the message frequency is established and adhered to. Also, pay attention to addressing all customer needs as they arise. For example, if someone wants to opt out, make the process easy. Otherwise, you risk the chance of damaging the business reputation, which hurts the brand.

b. Be timely and relevant. Ensure that all messages pertain to the text campaign. If the campaign concerns some form of information alert, it would not be appropriate to submit coupons. Always be sure to send messages at respectful times so that they do not disrupt late evening or sleep. Take note of when most responses are received and arrange to send messages at those times.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Below are some of the strategies that text campaigns may be used for effectively:

1. Loyalty and Reward Programs. Most industries today have become dependent upon consumer loyalty. Incorporating rewards into the mix can go a long way toward developing strong customer relationships. Using short codes to offer coupons for discounts and free services usually get good responses.

2. Contests. Enter to win sweepstakes using text messages is a great marketing strategy to build brand awareness. An in-store signup can easily be transformed into a fruitful mobile marketing campaign.

3. Coupons. Any business can benefit from a coupon campaign. From restaurants to service providers, all of these businesses can create databases with customer mobile phone numbers from various marketing channels. This is an effective tool for driving in-store traffic on days when it is needed.

The above are just some of the many ways to successfully execute an SMS text marketing campaign to attract prospects, while better engaging with current customers.

Effective Use of Emoticons to Better Online Communication

October 15th, 2012

Online communication has grown by leaps and bounds since the Internet was created just a few years ago. Emoticons have also become an important part of that communication process. When used appropriately, they can enhance the written text and add visual and emotional value to the conversation. Even moreso, is to understand the avenues in which smileys are used. Facebook, twitter and even MSN all have a way to express your emotion with emoticons if needed. To find a wide range of smileys for facebook . Classifying emoticons and knowing when to share them is an important aspect in simple peer-to-peer conversations as well as on forums where more eyes will see them.

Classifying EmoticonsEmotions and icons are blended together to form an emoticon. Early emoticons used sideways visuals to express positive or negative emotions. Two early uses included the following:

- The classic happy smiling face :-)

- The unhappy face with a frown :-(

Both of these emoticons can be used today in an e-mail, instant message or online chat session. No text or written word has to be included with them, yet they describe how the writer is feeling. Emotions and facial features are a huge aspect of the face-to-face conversation. So much can be told from simple cues on a person’s face that words just can’t describe. Incorporating just a portion of that aspect into the online communication world adds quality to the conversation.

Overusing Emoticons

Of course, too much of anything can be bad. When some people speak they have a tendency to add in filler words that detract from the conversation and their overall message. This comes from sloppy speaking skills and also involves habits and taking time to think about words for the conversation. Examples of this include the word and phrase, “right” and “you know.” You know. If you’ve ever heard someone speaking and constantly using these two words it gets distracting. Overusing emoticons has the same effect.

If someone is smiling in a face-to-face conversation the listener knows that the speaker is happy. That goes for online conversations too. Adding one or two emoticons representing a feeling of happiness is enough to get the emotional message through to the reader.

Using a Wide Variety of Emotions

Emoticons have evolved into about every emotion available. The evolution of graphics now allows users to click on the emoticon they want to use and it appears in their forum post or instant message chat. This adds fun, anger, laughter or crying to the conversation. That’s a valuable way to communicate those unseen emotions. Those simple sideways figures could only express a small amount of emotional feelings. Now, emoticons have the ability to roll their eyes, wink, scratch their chin, smirk, cry, pout, glare, blush, bat their eyelashes and create many more emotions that have more impact and punch. The ability to create exact messages for given words is available.

As different applications for conversation have evolved on the Internet so have the use of emoticons and the emotions tied to them. Use these extra conversation pieces to enhance the value of the written word for the benefit of yourself and the reader.

Awesome Upcoming Technological Advances

December 21st, 2011

There are some awesome technological advances that are geared towards making so many things easier in the very near future. A person that looks forward to advancements will really appreciate all that is taking place.

The Smart Phone Gets Even Smarter

It’s no secret that smart phones are becoming the standard in mobile technology. What many people may not know is that the phone services are becoming the bridges that tie everything together. Companies like Apple have already made it possible to tap into your own home network, but this is just the start. Mobile technology and 4G networks will allow more people to use their phones as their wallet. Increased smart phone developments will also allow more people to do video conferencing from their phones. The biggest development will be electronic smart phone coupons and electronic tickets for movies and concerts.

Space Age Cars of the Near Future

Developers are working on cars that drive themselves. Designers have toyed with this idea for many years and it seemed like a very impractical thing. Today the idea doesn’t seem so far away. They have already designed cars that automatically steer back onto the road when a sleepy driver goes off course. Car designers have also put together some great designs for internal GPS systems. It is only a matter of time before they perfect cars that drive with the aid of a driver. All the accidents from cell phone and texting are really prompting designers to think outside of the box.

Entertainment Tonight

People go home and attempt to entertain themselves every evening. Few people are reading books or playing board games. To the contrary, people are snuggling around the television for entertainment. This is evident from the sales of televisions in recent years. HDMI, Blu-Ray and HD channels have really changed things, but this is just the beginning. The home theater experience still has much room for improvement. Developers are looking for more ways to incorporate the internet with television. This concept is in the infant stages, but it is getting better by the year. Consumers are waiting for the ability to watch movies without any wired devices attached to their television. Internet cloud storage is the future of television programming.

Tech gurus are not the only ones that are waiting on all of this new technology. Everyday people are saving the money and hopping on board the technology bandwagon.

Important Technology for Businesses

November 17th, 2011

Technology and business have roots woven deeply throughout our history. Advancements in technology have really brought that relationship even closer in recent years. It’s sometimes hard to notice how far we’ve come in a society set on warp speed and only getting faster. But one doesn’t have to look very far back in history to discover an older way of doing business that feels so antiquated; even though it was just a few years ago.

These advancements have gone far beyond just cell phone and typical computer upgrades. One of the latest trends to hit the market in recent years, is online conference rooms, web based crm software, and presentations. Just this trend alone is saving businesses thousands if not millions of dollars annually. When conferences can be held and deals are struck right online with international clients, there is no more need for travel expenses or extravagant lunch catering. This trend is beginning to revolutionize the way business and technology work side-by-side.

Increased marketing exposure to the public, is another one of those advancements that can be credited to technology and business working in unison. With so many social channels, and Internet advertising platforms, or quick video productions; branding a new company’s name in the minds of the public can be done in a fraction of the time the older marketing methods would use. We live in a technological world that is running rampant with commercials. For the buyers it may get a little annoying, but for the business owner it’s become an absolute haven for branding their company’s name.

More and more people are also warming up to the idea of making their transactions right online. The savvy business owners . This technology has opened the floodgates of buyer and seller relations. Just toss a rock these days and it’ll probably hit a business owner boasting over the monthly sales reports since moving online. Banking and e-commerce go hand-in-hand with this as well. Many people are making a single trip to the bank, which is the initial visit of setting up the account. All other banking is now being done online within the comfort of their own home.

Technology and business make a great partnership. And with new technology being born every day, this looks to only strengthen their relationship. Technology has certainly left its footprint as the new way of doing business.

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Services that Technology Can Do For Your Business

October 18th, 2011

The increasing role technology plays in our lives is, in effect, making life better for everyone. The quality of living has been raised immensely for the general public and continues to be raised by the continuing intrusion of technology into our lives. Technology accomplishes wonderful things for humanity but some of the coolest things technology achieves are: Communication between family and friends; complete difficult tasks with ease and error; and provide essential medical care for the sick.

With the advent of social media, the way relationships get formed and kept has changed forever. With help from technology, anyone can keep in touch with any person around the globe. This is a result of recent technological developments in high-speed communications. To contact someone on the opposite side of the globe, all that essentially needs to be done is pull out a phone or log onto a social media web site. Before the technological revolution, people had to use slow and inefficient methods of communicating with people across long distances.

Long, arduous tasks that were once done by hand are now smoothly accomplished with the aid of technology. Bill paying, for example, can be easily done online. Before online bill paying, many people had to mail in their bills. This method is faulty and dangerous. The check for whatever bill you planned on paying could get lost or stolen. This can’t happen when paying your bills is done online. The assembly revolution changed industry and the way products are constructed. However, with the addition of technological machines to the assembly line, production has become sufficiently faster.

Lastly, the essential and wonderful accomplishments in medical technology has increasingly raised the human life expectancy. Diseases that were once thought to be a death sentence are now curable. Technology can save your company! For example, an automated backup solution for company’s network of computers would archive your business data. You don’t have to worry about losing all your documents. All this would be done automatically without your involvement. Moreover, the creation of more efficient medical technology is making patients around the globe more comfortable and at ease during their treatments. Researchers working on cures for diseases or improvement of medical tools are aided on a day-to-day basis from the benefits technology provides.

There are a myriad of cool things technology can do for you. Technology dramatically changes the economy. Along with the economy, the standard of living is drastically increasing throughout the world and making life better for everyone. Essentially, to sum up technology’s effect on our lives, it has changed them for the better.

How Technology Makes Marketing Easier

September 23rd, 2011

Introduction as to Why New Technology Makes Marketing Easier

Business marketing plans have found their way into the public through new technologies. Technology has increased in the last several years at a tremendous rate, supposedly to make one’s life easier, but is it? Technology continues to increase at this same rate with no let up. New technologies are continually on the horizon, and have entered their way into business marketing plans to enrich business profits and growth. Is this ever increasing technology making lives easier or more complicated?

Marketing has always been the foundation for success. Without marketing to get one’s business name for products and services into the public’s eye quickly, a business will fail and it if it is lucky enough to not fail it will show no growth, if it were not for good, quick marketing skills. Technology as come so far that it would seem very unlikely that as little as 10 years ago one could use their cell phones, personal computers and lap tops for marketing purposes.

A good share of the public relies on extreme technology to access what bossiness offer. The other part of the public may have little to no concept of the rapidly increasing technologies of today in the way of marketing one’s business, which is why a business must keep their marketing skills simple. The part of the population who has a good grip on increased home and mobile technology have no problem, however, how does the other part of the population use this ever increasing technology and is it simple and for them to use? Are business marketers speaking in simple language to this segment of population?

Businesses these days are not so much competing with each other as they are competing with the time element of placing their products and services within public reach before the next company has a chance to do so. Technology has enabled marketing of products and services to reach the public far faster then in years past. Businesses understand the importance of reaching the public with their marketing strategies through high speed technology. Printing out your company logo on some iPad accessories and offering them as prizes is also another tactic you could use. People will certainly enjoy this useful product. They realize how important it is to be having creative thinking in order to foster public interest and keep customers coming to them in the future.


This can only be done through simple, social media high speed marketing technology easier in order to reach all levels of the populace.

How Technology Speeds the Development of Software

August 2nd, 2011

As technology advances, the software that works in concert with any given technology also must advance. The two go hand in hand, as a gadget or tool is useless without programs for it to use, and as software must be uniquely designed to work with a given platform. The possibilities are exciting, and seemingly endless.

Computer development has really dictated programming and software development, through the last two decades especially. Advances in processing speed provide the impetus to refine software, and it is often true that renovations in computer design render old software incompatible. Hence, software changes and QA testing must take place or the programs become obsolete. The cutting edge technology of the early 1990’s is now completely out of place, and today’s tools will become tomorrow’s dinosaurs, as well.

Smartphones have become handheld computers, in a sense, with many similar functions, with an emphasis on communication. Applications and programs make these tools suitable for on-the-go management and use for a host of needs. Whether game play, research, or education, these programs are being developed to address the needs and interests of the users. As the platform options increase, many of the same programs and apps are being re-done for new operating systems. If there were not so many improvements and changes taking place with these tech tools, the software development would be somewhat stagnant.

Tablet computers, as well, have taken center stage, and have prompted the development of new software. As with other technological tools, many programs are re-programmed into compatible software for new gadgets. As the devices are improved, both new, and revised software are created to work within the latest framework.

Developing technologies create amazing learning opportunities for people of all ages. As software and devices become more interactive, their use becomes more intuitive. The advances are interrelated, and each element depends upon the other. Technology is useless without application, and software is dependent on the tools it is programmed to work with.

Technological Things You Didn’t Know About

June 11th, 2011

Keeping up with all of the new technology that seems to come out every day can be a daunting task, even for a technophile. With the amount of new developments that are made, many are bound to fail; however, there are a few under the radar developments that you are likely to hear about frequently in the next few years. Some of the technological things that you don’t know about are 3D printing, CERN’s “new” fiber optic Internet, and cavity fighting lollipops.

  • 3D Printing

The idea of printing in 3D is a bit odd to wrap your head around, since most printing is done on a flat piece of paper and regular printer toner; however, 3D printing is actually done in layers, and one area that it is really making a difference is in the field of medicine. One of the most astounding things that 3D printing is able to do is create artificial blood vessels that are used in heart transplants, and doctors are hoping that with advancements in the technology, it will eventually allow them to also create internal organs. This would do away with the need for donor waiting lists and eliminate the necessity for transplant patients to take immunosuppressant drugs to keep from experiencing transplant rejection.

  • CERN’s The Grid

European Organization for Nuclear Research, also known as CERN, runs the Large Hadron Collider, which is tasked with splitting atoms in an attempt to understand the origins of our universe. In between creating black holes, they are also developing an entirely fiber optic “new” Internet, known as “The Grid.” By keeping traffic completely separate from our current phone and data transfer systems, they believe they can achieve connection speeds 10,000 times faster than what we are currently able to attain.

  • Cavity Fighting Lollipops

One of the newer innovations that is likely to get a lot of attention in the near future is a lollipop that has the ability to kill only cavity creating bacteria found in the mouth, leaving other helpful bacteria untouched. If this sucker succeeds, it could make dentist visits far easier and possibly even make cavities a thing of the past. Microbiologist Wenyuan Shi has discovered an ingredient in licorice roots that kill the cavity causing bacteria, and clinical trials show that 95% of cavities are prevented using the lollipops.